3D Printing for Oral Surgery

Surgical 3D Printing in Fort Worth, Weatherford, and Arlington, TX

3D printing, the latest in dental technology, is a powerful tool that allows us to have and hold an exact replica of your jawbone to study as we plan your treatment. In other words, 3D printing provides real life models. This not only makes our planning easier, but it allows us to personalize your treatment according to your particular needs.

Surgical Applications of 3D Printers

At Facial and Oral Surgery Associates, we are proud to provide the latest advancements in the dental field. The newest 3D printing technology is quickly adapting to a wide range of surgical applications. We use it to print patient-specific dentures, bridges, jaw models for reconstructive surgery, skulls, and cheekbones for special dental implant cases, etc. The vast array of potential applications for 3D printing are increasing at an exponential rate because of decreasing costs and increasing availability.

Rapid Production of Surgical Guides

Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a medical imaging technique that allows for the use of 3D printing. The CBCT images allows for the printing of the most accurate surgical guides and customized 3D printed templates for complex jaw surgery. The advanced technology also allows for customized 3D printed surgical guides for dental implant placement. In some instances, customized temporary teeth can be 3D printed in advance for dental implant cases using FDA-approved materials.

Computer Guided Oral Surgery

3D printing plays a vital role in our oral surgery procedures. After taking a CT-scan, we convert the raw data into a 3D working model, outline important anatomical structures, and “digitally” place dental implants in the ideal position and angulation. Once the surgery has been planned, we 3D print surgical guides to aid in precision surgery.

Benefits of 3D Printing for Oral Surgery

We use 3D printing and digital modeling to ensure precise and accurate implant planning and placement. 3D printing enables us to produce ideal esthetic results and functional smiles in even the most challenging patient care situations. With multiple 3D printers for various applications, our newer 3D printers produce faster results than our older technology, expediting appointment times and dental treatments. Without a doubt, our use of cutting-edge, digital-based technologies places us in a league of our own.

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