Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had two dental implants done by Dr. Kao and each time he did an amazing job on my dental implants. He was always very kind, professional,patient and understanding. He explained the entire procedure to me before the actual surgery. I am so pleased, my dental implants turned out great!! I thank God !!! The reason why I am so happy is because, I had one implant done prior to coming to Dr. Kao by a different doctor but the implant failed. I was recommended to Dr. Kao by my general dentist as one of the best at doing implants. He had to remove the failing implant and then replace it. He did such a wonderful job, I came back to have my second dental implant done. One of The best decisions I made I don't regret it. The staff in the office was always pleasant, kind and willing to answer any questions.. I recommend Facial and Oral Associates as one of the best places for dental implants, extractions or any detail dental work. and Dr. Kao as one of the best dentists for any dental surgery you may need.

- Brenda H

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